Are video games getting too violent? Long gone will be the traditional movie game days. Now the games have taken an entirely new direction. Violence yup violence is your brand new factors at the vast majority of video games. Are violent video games with a negative effect on the society? I think violent video games have a negative influence on the society.

Today many men and women are blaming video game, says mu online season 14, businesses such as making these violent games. However, is it that the video game companies error or is it that the parents fault for enabling children to play with these games? I believe it’s a bit of both. With these significant video game companies i think they have a duty to the people to generate video games that contribute to general good of the society. I think they have a duty to put out games that assist our society not lead to a negative manner of making children into degenerate thugs.

I believe that the parents have the bigger duty as parents. Now let us be fair about the movie game corps bottom line they’re in it for the price. Hence that the video game companies cater to exactly what the customer needs, whether the customer is a 30 year-old person or your 12 year-old son, hence that the duty lies on the parents to measure up.