You might have come across the strange tales of people that warn to never duplicate your key as you can easily risk them falling into the wrong hands. Not everyone duplicates their keys and most of the time it’s a bad idea if you don’t have a spare one lying around. Internet stories on how easily thieves can duplicate your key without knowing or how your local key smith has a duplicate of every customer’s keys and address do not usually happen. Even if it does, there’s always going to be a small percentage of it happening and justice always serves to key thieves.

However, should you duplicate your key? This question splits into two where the first one is whether you have already a few other duplicates hidden away for safekeeping and the other question being if you do not have a single spare to help you just in case you’re locked out. Having a spare key helps when you’re in need to access your home but you don’t have the main key with you. While there’s information online on how to access your home if you don’t have a duplicate key with you such as searching for an unlocked window, using a thin card to slide the handle back into the door slot, and so on, having a spare duplicated key makes life much easier.

The chances of key theft are quite low if you know how to take care of your keys properly. Precautions on how to prevent this include only borrowing keys to people whom you trust would never duplicate them without your permission, attaching your key to a keyring, placing your keys at pockets that are not wide open, and many more.