If you would like to be successful you must aim for the hopeless, this usually means you want to do things which seem impossible. Possessing a mu online server for most folks new to mu online server handling believe they will start a server, place the exp trigger few occasions, place resets on and allow the players stream inside…

That is not the strategy.

That means before you start a server, think of what you may need… what may happen so what backup choices you’ll have and what service you are going to have by your team or players.

Allow me to record few matters:

utilizing good files which you’ve analyzed and they seem great enough to use and simple to configure and operate with.

An excellent hosting service, you don’t require a server that is slow, cannot handle gamers, getting assaulted and so forth, you require something much superior to that. Of course, there are exceptions if you really want to spend the day working on your own server and creating events, however, a Team is obviously desired (at least 3-4 team ) will be sufficient to encourage you and the server along with the gamers. (For DDoS protection you may need a decent web host for the site side” I would rather host my online net on a web host that’s Linux or windows with great DDoS security ) for server side you simply require a fantastic Server Host with great DDoS security as well, there are lots of jealous people, haters and those who have nothing better to do this consider it.

Maintenance Schedules for sprucing up along with other things where you’ll have to close your server down to get a particular quantity of time (lets say 2-3 hours) checks to get dupes, hacks, logs, prepare possibly new occasions, mend new items, add custom things in game, possibly change a layout, step-by-step things people will realize that hey, this server is more severe and is prepared to do its very best for its players.

Automatic Updates… many servers overlook that, and if there is a problem with the server or documents or customer they must re-upload the documents on the site and contribute to the players fresh patch link or customer to re-download/re-install that sort of makes gamers dislike that, so use a Launcher with auto upgrade and will be quite thankful for this.

Utilize a forum, yes possibly at the beginning it won’t be active, but it is constantly necessary for support along with other things, you can also make events around the discussion and provide a lot of information about the server, you may also use Facebook additional, twitter as well as other social networks.

Marketing… This is the odd part but in precisely the exact same time requires a lot of work.

When you proceed and promote your server, do not simply write couple things about it and place the website/download hyperlinks and vanish, people will need to see how committed you’re to your server, just how much time spent for your players,guests who review your server too, you will find of course exceptions just like a man can enjoy your server just by searching the configurations of it or the screenshots or the occasions or perhaps the summary, why don’t you include as much info as you can? Do that and attempt to market in as many areas as possible and let your friends help you out as well.

Picking the Operating system along with the specs it’s a different story, but if you’re really serious into creating an online server and would like to bring it into lifestyle and successfully have folks playing with it and develop apart, you’ll have to double check the specs, let’s say today such as season 1-2-3 servers mainly you want around 4GB Ram (2-3) Cores and a fantastic online connection, Season 4-5-6-7-8 it will need clearly 4 to 8GB ram and (3-4) cores to possess it at least secure at the beginning, also if you’re likely to get subseries afterward of course you’ll have to improve the ram size, the more people you buy the more CPU use, the further lag, the more trying.